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*  Note: As of 5/1/03 the CDC106 Visiting Form is supposed to be signed prior to being mailed out by the prisoner. (To print the form correctly, right click on title, then “SAVE TARGET AS” and save to your hard drive.  PDF format)

*  CDC 2142 Citizens Complaint

(A two page form, front and back, available in .RTF format)



Important   Information




How to make sense of the 602 appeals process.

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Information on how to remove your MCI block

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 Title 15 Rules & Regulations

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 Petition to reclaim Family Visits for all families







Mission Statement

Our goal is to keep families and friends of California’s prisoners informed about current rules and regulations affecting their visits with a loved one. We will try to obtain current information about each prison’s visiting days, hours, and dress codes, as well as other pertinent information for visitors. We will inform visitors of the latest changes affecting prisoners as well as unfounded rumors that are making the prison circles.

In general we will try to keep you informed of all aspects that could affect you as a concerned individual that cares about a loved one in the CDC (California Department of Corrections).



In addition, our e-mail group, VIP-CALI, will post updates about issues pertaining to visiting, phone calls, and mail as they develop. We are hoping to educate new visitors that need help in dealing with CDC issues affecting visitors and form a group of people willing to help change the current system that ignores visitor’s rights. All CDC visitors and other interested parties are welcome to join this group. Click here to join


Our other e-mail group, CDC-IN, is for those issues not pertaining to visiting. Here you can find support, share jokes and recipes, or share information about other prison related issues. Please join us! Click here to join.



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We have compiled information regarding prison issues for more than 13 years. We have been active in working towards Prison Reform through the national PRUP (Prison Reform Unity Project) for 5 years and continue to learn about making a difference in the lives of people affected by our current system of INJUSTICE.

*  www.prup.us

*  www.prisonnewsnetwork.us

*  www.cufj.org



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Website Help

If you’re new to the web, you may want to take a moment to browse through the different pages available on this website. The different headings on your left side of the screen will show the subject you’re most likely to find when visiting that page. You can generally expect to find some information related to the title of that page. For example, if you click on “bills” you will see what bills are currently before the legislature and you should also see links to the CA legislature and other bill related website links on that page. Here’s a short index on what you’ll find on each page:


CDC Info

Different pages available on the official CDC website

showing information about CA prisons and prisoners.

Also other CDC information not available on the official




Visiting days/hours for each prison. Short driving

directions & lodging information. Local visiting rules.

How to get help with visiting problems.



Bills before the legislature, affecting prisoners.

Links to legal resources/advise.  CA bar search link.

Links to Government Officials, Government Websites.



& Groups

Currently active California Organizations helping prisoners

and/or their loved ones in securing fair treatment.

Links to their websites and e-mail list sign-ups.



A listing of all California State Prisons, Community

Correctional Centers, & Permanent Conservation Camps.

Warden’s name, phone number, fax number, address.



Some of the more infamous news coming out of CDC.

Read about the issues we’re faced with as a daily routine.



Here are prison rumors and whether you should believe them




Links to organizations dealing with prison issues on a national

Level, as well as other informational websites.


IFC Listing

Available Inmate Family Council Member contact info



Frequently Asked Questions and the answers to them.



All available e-mail addresses to our State Senators and Assembly

Members, pre-arranged to copy & paste for mass mailing.


T15 Visiting

The visiting section of Title 15, so sections can easily be found.


PRUP (Prison Reform Unity Project)

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August 16, 2004